Floods, Urbanization and
Climate Change in Europe


Conference Tue October 25 th 2016

UFA Fabrik Berlin, Theatersaal



9:30 h – 10:00 h      Welcome

UFA Fabrik Berlin, Werner Wiartalla

TU Berlin, Marco Schmidt

Grüne Liga, Michael Bender


10:00 – 11:15 h       A New Nexus: Water and Climate Change

Introduction on the New Water Paradigm: Marco Schmidt, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

The active role of vegetation in water cycle and local climate: Jan Pokorny, Czech Republic

A new paradigm for the climate change agenda - environmental, cultural, political and socio-economic aspects of the New Water Paradigm: Martin Kovac, Slovak Republic


11:15 h Q&A


11:30 h Movie “Air Conditioner Breakdown”


12:10 h Lunch Break


In between:  12:30 h Guided Tour: Green roofs, rainwater harvesting and stormwater treatment, UFA Fabrik Berlin


13:00 h – 14:15 h    Flood Risk Management

Recovering floodplains, improving natural water retention. NGO-comments on flood risk management and the national flood protection program: Michael Bender, Grüne Liga, Germany

Floods and urbanization in Herault (South of France) by Thierry Uso, European Water Movement, France

Best Practise in Urban Rainwater Management: Constantin Möller, Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl GmbH


14:15 h Q&A


14:30 h – 15:00 Coffee Break


15:00 h – 16:15 h    Water in Urban Areas

A new paradigm in Urban Design: Jana Leonie, Albert Speer und Partner, Frankfurt

Depave and Unseal: Positive impact on the climate: Daniel Hofnung, France

Water in Landscape Architecture – Korean Examples: Prof. Jongsang Sung, Seoul National University

Measures for sustainable rainwater management: Harald Sommer, Ing. Büro Prof. Sieker, Germany


16:15 h Q&A


16:30 h – 16:50 Coffee Break


16:50h – 17:25       Round Table

A New Nexus: Water, Floods, Climate Change

Harald Sommer, Constantin Möller, Jan Pokorny, Thierry Uso, Jana Leonie, Martin Kovac, Michael Bender

Moderation: Marco Schmidt


17:25 – 17:30 h      Wrap Up



This event is part of a series that started on occasion of the climate negotiations COP 21 in Paris end of last year.

The New Water Paradigm opens up an alternative approach to the climate debate. Rather than explain drought as a consequence of global warming by carbon emissions, this new approach addresses landscape dehydration as a key cause rather than key effect of climate change. The argument is based on the fact that solar energy is converted and a cooling occurs when water evaporates on Earth’s surface and water vapour condenses in the atmosphere as clouds.

Urban expansion, global deforestation and desertification reduce evapotranspiration. In turn, reduced evaporation results in increasing short-wave solar radiation which is converted to long-wave thermal emissions and sensible heat. The result is that higher surface temperatures creating heat island effects over cities, contribute to local, regional and ultimately, global warming and creating flood events. Rainwater harvesting and management promises a major mitigation strategy against increased temperatures and drought. Urban water management can be enhanced by the ecological design of green roofs, green facades, artificial ponds, evaporation in air conditioners and ground permeable surfaces combined with vegetation. This conference demonstrates the application of these New Water Paradigm principles on an international scale.

The final public event is part of the project KURAS on sustainable urban rainwater management strategies, funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the framework of the FONA initiative (Research for Sustainable Development).     www.kuras-projekt.de



Conference venue: UFA Fabrik Berlin-Tempelhof

Viktoriastrasse 10-18, 12105 Berlin, Theatersaal

U6 Ullsteinstrasse


Entrance free, but please register  
via email: ufa@entsiegelung.de


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